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Chairman & Partner

Martin Abert

Most people might baulk at being labelled the 'missing link', but FunctionEight Managing Director Martin Abert is comfortable with the description.

"I'm the link between the hardened IT techies and our clients who, like most normal people, are mystified by computers. I translate the client's needs and wants to the technical staff - which is a link that is missing from most other similar IT solutions providers."

Being a Land Surveyor by profession with no previous IT training, Martin is in a good position to communicate the benefits of systems/solutions and preventative maintenance in layman's terms - and as somebody who is passionate about meeting people and talking (in the broadest terms) about how FunctionEight's services can benefit all businesses, it's a role he is ideally suited to.

COO & Partner

Phil Aldridge

High expectations from the client are part and parcel of any service industry, but when that is combined with a Managing Director that raises the bar with every client presentation, expectations become more and more challenging.

"My boss takes the philosophy that 'what can be imagined can be achieved', and making sure that we keep those promises is what makes my job all the more fun"

Technical Director Phil Aldridge is the man at FunctionEight who is charged with turning the dreams, concepts and wants of clients - and sometimes his MD - into technical reality.

CFO & Partner

Chris Young

“I was so impressed I bought the company”. These words may have been true for Victor Kiam when he tried a Remington shaver but they were certainly also the case for me when I had the good fortune to work with Martin and Phil when they took over management of my firms IT support.

I was struck with the knowledge, passion and innovation they used to tackle each issue. FunctionEight had the ability to get me to understand the problems and participate in the decision making. This is not easy in a highly technical field. So when the opportunity presented itself to become part of the team and play my own part in its development it was an easy decision to take.

Our Team Heads

Allo Hui

Allo Hui

IT Director Tel: +852 3575 8350

I manage the IT teams in FunctionEight.

Hundah Chan

Hundah Chan

Sales manager Tel: +852 3575 2855

I'm the sales manager at FunctionEight.

Jordan Gall

Jordan Gall

IT Manager, Singapore Tel: +65 6345 5880

I manage the IT team in our Singapore office

April Kwong

April Kwong

Digital Project Manager Tel: +65 6345 5880

I manage our web development team

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