Website Maintenance

We maintain your website and keep it secure and up to date
system maintenance

System MaintenanceSystem and plugins

We maintain your website, keep it safe with updates so you can spend more time on your business

website maintenance

Website MaintenanceFunctionality and layout

We add and adjust your functionality as your site and the world changes.

content maintenance

Content MaintenanceUpdate of text and images

We change and update your content, be that text, images or video.

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What kind of maintenance are you looking for?

IT Support image If you are unsure on how to keep your website updated, how to swap media content, move design elements around the website, add functionalities like newsletter signups, donation buttons or tracking information to enable you to analyze the behavior of your website’s visitors, then FunctionEight can help you. For most of our customers, we maintain part of the website and ensure that the website is backed up, secure and that updates to any 3rd party plugins or any ‘free’ open source system used to power your website.

Using a free open source platform for your website like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart or any other, is not entirely free. It is true, that installing and using the platform is free, but these platforms still need to be kept up to date in order to avoid being hacked and keep the functionalities working. Often, the process to keep your open source platform up-to-date is straight forward, but if you use many 3rd party plug-ins and a custom design, the update process can become more difficult and require technical skills to accomplish. If you have any questions on keeping your website updated, FunctionEight will be happy to discuss and assist you.

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